Using ChatGPT To Set Your Financial Goals

Happy New Year!

With a new year often come new goals. As business owners we are often feeling stretched thin in many different ways, and sometimes this is where technology can be helpful in creating some clarity and organization. This year I started the year by talking to ChatGPT to create some financial goals.  Here are some of the things I wanted as an outcome:

TIME: How many hours I have available to work each day, taking into account time for self-care, family, and time off.  This will help me make sure I am not overworking and burning myself out and help create a balance and schedule.  My desired outcome here is:

  • A chart with my working schedule
  • Schedule to work on the business vs working in the business
  • A clear goal for how many hours per day and per week I should be investing into the business to reach my financial goals

INCOME GOALS: I have a specific amount of money I need to pay myself each month to maintain a basic standard of living, and there is a certain amount of money I need to bring into the business to pay off any outstanding debt and maintain software, equipment, and operations.  My desired outcome was a chart that:

  • Shows my expenses within the business (get as granular as you like here)
  • Include my salary and account for taxes
  • List any debts that need to be paid off this year and any goals in terms of profit to be left in the business

RATES: Based on the income goals I have set as well as the time I have available I asked ChatGPT to calculate what my rates would need to be for the services I offer.  My core offering is Web Design, however I do offer a range of other services to clients who choose to continue to have a relationship past the initial project.  I asked ChatGPT to help me price out each of these services and create a chart that lists all of them.  My desired outcome was a chart that:

  • Lists each of my services with rates
  • Clearly identifies my hourly rate to ensure it aligns with my goals to avoid needlessly overworking
  • Lists packages that would align with my clients needs and ensure that the effort put in is compensated appropriately to both reach my goals and account for time spent

DIGITAL PRODUCTS: One of my goals this year is to create some digital products that help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and moms.  These will range from downloadable templates, tutorials, courses, and free content online.  I asked ChatGPT to outline how much time I should allot in the first quarter to ensure I am working toward the goal of launching my first product in the second quarter of this year.  Ideally a third of my income goals are eventually met by digital product sales.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The online world is constantly evolving.  It is important that I stay up to date on my knowledge not just for me, but for my clients as well.  So I asked ChatGPT to allot enough time in my day/week for professional development and to assign a portion of my budget for this as well.

I took the key information output and organized it in my business Notion dashboard to refer back to.  The final output included:

  • Working schedule
  • Vacation time allotment
  • Income Goals
  • Rates
  • Digital product goals and ideas
  • Professional development goals

I also had enough information to create new standard pricing packages to send out to all current and past clients.  I highly recommend this as a starting point to setting your financial goals and being realistic about the effort and outcome you are hoping for.


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