The Collective Offices

Modern co-working space for spirited entrepreneurs

This bright and modern space located in historic downtown Bowmanville was just opening their doors and needed a new website.  Something with a design that reflected their friendly and welcoming community.

The Collective Offices project was a complex one that required members access to the co-working space without a key and permissions granted remotely.


Design Wise


Alicia Jones



The Project Scope


  • UI/UX Design
  • Website Mockup


  • Research, setup, and implementation of Access Control System, CRM, Booking System, Member Directory, Access Control Hardware
  • WordPress website with links to membership site
  • Nexudus membership site






Our task was to help The Collective Offices open their doors to the public with a digital presence that matched the feeling they wanted people to get when they arrive in person.

The community is made up of empowering female entrepreneurs with a dedication to balance and healthy living.  Whether just starting out or having a business run from your home for a period of time, The Collective welcomes all levels of entrepreneurs. 

Development & Integrations

We began with detailed requirements gathering for the website.  We then made a list of the technologies needed to automate the required functionality The Collective Offices.  After contacting the leading applications in each category for demos, we did further research and created comparison charts.  Once the tools were decided on, this project was well on its way.

The Collective site wireframe, mockup and development took place first.  The membership portion was launched slightly after the main website to allow ample time for quality assurance testing.

 The Collective launched with members having the ability to schedule a time block, with access instructions and permissions being automatically triggered from the site.  They could further schedule events, book event rooms, and take part in the online community directory and message board.

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The Collective Offices


Design Wise


Alicia Jones


Alicia Jones, Kirstie Shanks


Craig Cordeiro, Alicia Jones, Daniel Machnik

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