Services & Rates


We have a new way of working!  Choose your plan, get unlimited design and strategy requests, cancel or adjust your plan anytime.

Design & Strategy Subscriptions

Submit unlimited design and strategy requests monthly.  Choose your plan.

Slow & Steady

Not in a rush, but have multiple requests each month.  No need for coaching or strategy calls, just get it done!


  • Package Includes:
    • Design requests delivered within 5 business days.
  • Package Does not Include:
    • Zoom Calls
    • Voice Notes over Voxer


Speedy & Supported

Need it done quicker, have more requests or more complex requests and could use a call for support once in a while.


  • Package Includes:
    • Design requests delivered within 3 business days.
    • One Zoom call per month.
  • Package does not include:
    • Access to Alicia over Voxer


Quick & Coached

Need it fast, and need easy access to communicate over Zoom or Voice Note as needed.


  • Package Includes:
    • Design requests delivered within 2 business days
    • Zoom Calls as needed
    • Access to Alicia over Voxer



Services Offered

Requests can fall under any of the following categories


  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communications Strategy


  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Updates
  • Website Landing Pages


  • Graphic design
  • Canva Templates
  • Image sourcing
  • AI Generated Content
  • UX/UI Design
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Product Design


  • Research & Analytics Review
  • Content Writing
  • Training Videos
  • Newsletter Writing and Distribution
  • Marketing Technology Solutions
How Are Requests Submitted?

You will get your own unique Trello Board to add as many requests as you like to your backlog.  Simply move the request that is to be worked on at the moment into the “Current Requests” column, which will notify me to begin working on that request.

Why have you moved to this model?

After nearly 10 years of working in Branding, Web Design, Marketing, Operations, and Technology it has come to my attention that businesses benefit from working with one point of contact to grow their brand.  Seeing as I work with several clients, this allows me to focus more efforts on delivering great service, and less on administrative overhead time associated with individual hourly billing rates, multiple email communication trails, and unscheduled middle of the day phone calls.

Can I Cancel or Change my Plan?

Of course!  Reach out to me directly at to cancel anytime or modify your plan as needed.  Billing periods start at the beginning of each month.

What if I only have one request?

No problem!  Start a subscription and submit your request.  If it is a more complicated request like “build a landing page” then it could actually be more like two requests, however one monthly subscription will have you covered for that. 


After the request is complete simply cancel your plan and start it back up at any time.

Do I have to renew every month?

Not at all!  Let me know when you start the subscription that you would like to work month to month and I will check in with you one week before the end of the month to see if you would like to renew or pause until you are ready to startup again.

How many people are on your team?

I am a team of one believe it or not!  With over 12 years of experience in IT, Development, Design, Strategy, Operations, Digital Marketing, and Content Writing I have been able to help over 100 brands grow online.