How might we clearly position Ruth as a work and education transition coach for students seeking direction?  



  • Brand Strategy Workshop
  • Brand Messaging Guide
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Website Design
  • Print Material Design
  • Systems Strategies

Design Wise collaborated with Ruth Louden to craft messaging that would position her expertise online with confidence and clarity.  With a goal to increase efficiency, revenue, and awareness, Ruth went through a customized 8 week brand overhaul program.  This helped her clearly identify what words to use associated to her brand, the technology to implement for efficiency, and streamline offerings to increase revenue.

For students looking to claim their place on a career path that feels fulfilling, Ruth Louden is a Career Coach, focussed on uncovering student’s potential during education and work transitions so they can look forward to a future of possibilities.

Our mission is to lead with integrity toward a purpose and results-driven outcome that helps students gain the confidence, skills, and awareness necessary for career growth.