Logo File Formats Included in your Brand Package

One logo so many file formats!  So which file formats are super important to get with your new logo?

When you are getting a new logo it is important that you get a number of file format, colour options, and orientations.  Here are some of the file format we include in our Brand Identity Designs:

  • A transparent logo that you can use as a watermark on images (.PNG)
  • A .JPG file with a white background
  • A vector logo that can be blown up to any size or shrunk down to any size (.PDF, .SVG, or .EPS)
  • A colour option to go on dark backgrounds or on a light background
  • Main logo and Alternate logo (one that fits into a square and one that fits into a rectangle)

1. Transparent Logo for Watermarks (the .PNG file format)

PNG file formats have a transparent background so they can be used on any photo or solid coloured background without showing a white box behind it.  This file format will be extremely helpful for you if you would like to place your logo on top of an image as a watermark.  The down side to PNG files format is if they are expanded to be made large or shrunk down to be made small they will begin to look pixellated.  That is why we suggest you also get a vector version of your logo.

2. The ever-popular “.JPG”

This is likely the most common image file format you have worked with.  You will get your logo as a JPG file with the standard white background should you require it.  This would be a great file format for your website favicon or placing your logo on a white background.

3. Vector Logo for Very Large or Small print (the .PDF .SVG .EPS file format)

A vector logo is a logo that does not distort no matter what size it is.  You could print it large enough to be a window wrap or small enough to fit on a tiny business card.  Getting the vector logo from your designer is incredibly important.  You never know when you might require this file format for your business marketing material.  Keep in mind that these files formats are editable in vector based software such as Adobe Illustrator.

4. Various logo Colour Options

We will always provide you with your logo in at least two colour variations.  One for dark backgrounds and one for light backgrounds.  This means that you will likely receive your logo in more colour variations than you see on your brand board.  This is to ensure that you are able to use your logo on a variety of background colours.

5. Main Logo and Alternate Logo

We will provide your logo in a couple of layout variations.  A square layout and a rectangular layout.  Some marketing material might just look nicer with your logo in a slightly different configuration.  So we will provide your logo in a square orientation and a rectangular one just in case.

If your logo is designed by us we will also include in your brand identity package your brand colours, textures, fonts, and any other elements that are included in your selected brand identity package.


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