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We Rebranded!

Design-thinking the way forward You may know us by our previous agency name, AJ Creative.  Since recently launching our new brand, Design Wise, we’ve been flooded with questions as to why we rebranded. So, I felt it was appropriate to give you a little insight into...

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Logo File Formats Included in your Brand Package

One logo so many file formats!  So which file formats are super important to get with your new logo? When you are getting a new logo it is important that you get a number of file format, colour options, and orientations.  Here are some of the file format we include...

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11 Ways to Prepare for an Awesome Website!

Ready... Set... Wait a minute... What do I need to do for this again? Websites are a major investment of time and money for your business.  However, this is also potentially one of the smartest investments for your business.  Not only can it generate revenue for...

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What is a “Hero” Anyway?

Did you know you have less than 5 seconds to communicate to your website visitors if they are in the right place and what they should do next? It's no secret that in today's online world the best way to communicate effectively is visually.  Choosing a hero image...

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5 Things to Do as a New Entrepreneur

In the early days of starting a business your biggest resource is time.  So this one is for all the beginners, the dreamers and the ambitious ones. It's no secret that running a business is tough.  There are a lot of things to know that you maybe never considered,...

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