7 Ways to Instantly Enhance your Digital Curb Appeal

Your business’ digital presence is like the property your home sits on.  It requires upkeep to maintain or improve curb appeal.  Most business’ digital footprint spans across at least half a dozen platforms and tools.  Many of those are front-facing to potential clients and are often their first impression of your business.  It only takes 1/10th of a second to form a first impression. This first impression depends on many factors: structure, colors, spacing, symmetry, amount of text, fonts, and more.

So how can we ensure new clients get the best possible experience from your business’ online presence?

Here are 7 areas of your online presence you can review today to assess whether your digital curb appeal is portraying the look & feel you think it should.  Ask yourself, what adjectives come to mind when you review your web presence on Google or Social media?


Google My Business

  • Is your business easy to find on Google?
  • Does it have a Google Business page with Reviews?
  • Are there images on your Google Business page?
  • Does your bio have the keywords you wish to be found for online?


Social Proof/Epertise

  • Does your website contain social proof in the way of testimonials, portfolio, case studies?
  • Do you demonstrate the types of people you help and why they rely on you?



  • Are the colours, look and feel and fonts consistent?
  • Does the look and feel match other ares of your online presence?
  • Is your tone of voice and messaging consistent online?


Frictionless Booking

  • Is it hard to purchase from you or book with you?
  • Is it obvious to your leads how to schedule a time to chat with you?


Updated website

  • Is the information on your website current and up to date?
  • Does it represent the brand voice & tone your leads can expect from working with you?


Easy to Find

  • Is it easy to find your business online?  This includes Google, Instagram, etc.
  • Are your social media handles the same, and logically related to your domain name?


Solve problems quickly

  • If the right person lands on your website, do you solve their problems for them quickly?
  • Do you make it obvious what the answer is to their burning questions?


Now… Take these same questions and review your neighbours digital curb appeal.  Your neighbours in this case being your competitors.  Where are they strong or weak?  How can you invest your money in your curb appeal today to come up to standard with your neighbours, or to stand out?

About The Author

Alicia Jones
Designer & Certified Brand Strategist

Strategic brand communication & design for purpose-driven brands seeking to increase efficiency and consistency online.


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