5 Things to Do as a New Entrepreneur

In the early days of starting a business your biggest resource is time.  So this one is for all the beginners, the dreamers and the ambitious ones.

It’s no secret that running a business is tough.  There are a lot of things to know that you maybe never considered, and time seems to just fly by.  The good news is we get it!  When you are first starting out budget is tight, so you are working with two other resources in the beginning, knowledge and time.  Below are a list of five ways you can spend your limited resources as a startup new business owner to ensure you can grow with confidence and clarity:


  1.  Learn as much as you can about marketing
  2. Write content
  3. Create a business plan
  4. Find a great brand photographer
  5. Hire a designer who gets you


Learn as much as you can 

There is a lot to know as a new entrepreneur. Just a few of the hats you will need to wear are marketing expert, accountant, writer, customer service expert, and administrator.

Spend time in the beginning filling any knowledge gaps so you feel confident making decisions and ready to grow.  Start with Google searches, YouTube videos, Podcasts, audio books and webinars.  There is plenty of content out there for free or very affordable.  Also don’t hesitate to hire a pro where the budget allows for it.


Write Content

The single most important thing you need for a successful online presence today is ongoing fresh new content.  The internet favours anyone who is putting out consistent, engaging, and new content regularly.   It doesn’t matter if you are blogging, on social media, or newsletters.  Clearly written, interesting, informative, and entertaining content always create the most attention online and the algorithms all favour it.


Create a Business Plan

Having a well written business plan ready can help immensely when you start working with investors, banks, and coaches.  It is even a requirement if you are thinking of applying for grants or bursaries.


Find a Great Brand Photographer

There are a lot of photography styles out there today.  There are also a lot of photographers who specialize in different niches.  However, the important thing is that you find yourself a wonderful branding photographer.  Nowadays headshots don’t put off the friendly and welcoming impression people are looking for online.  People are inundated with images online today and they are generally more attracted to lifestyle brands that they can relate to.  Images of you in your real element, that visually demonstrate what a person can expect from your service or product, how things are made, and who is involved in the process.  These items should be clearly communicated in your photos, and the style of photography should match your overall brand image.   Take time with this decision and get multiple quotes.  I suggest looking for your ideal photographer on Instagram.


Hire a designer who gets you

The hardest thing to do, whether you have a flare for design or not, is to give your own business a brand identity.  Colour, fonts, logo, textures, print design, web design, even voice.  These items are all important for your overall success and to position your business as experts in today’s online world.  Hiring a designer who listens, asks the right questions, and is passionate about bringing your vision to life is important.  Not only do designers have a wealth of knowledge, but they will be able to create an image for your business that will make you proud to share everywhere.

Looking for help?

We are a digital design studio who specialize in bringing your online presence to life through the use of strategy, design, and technology.  We offer services in Web Design, Brand Identity Design, and Social Media.  Our goal is to help you bring efficiency, revenue, and awareness to your business with an effective and beautiful online presence.  If you would like to book a free initial consultation click here to get a free quote.

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